Chakra Meditation Kit
by Amy Zerner   Monte Farber  
ISBN 9780965559867

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About the product

The Chakras are Seven Portals to Infinite Power!

If you are ready to make positive changes in your daily life to improve your overall sense of peace and well-being, then our Chakra Meditation Kit is for you!

According to ancient wisdom we each have seven major energy centres - our "chakras" - that regulate the flow of the Universal Life Force into us and throughout our bodies. Each of these chakras has it own unique sound, colour and influence on specific issues in our lives.

Stress, trauma, and negative thinking can block the flow of this life force and cause anxiety, depression and loss of vitality. But you have the power to bring balance to your chakra energies and improve the quality of your life spiritually, mentally and physically.

The gentle, life affirming rituals of our chakra meditation kit can hellp you manifest true happiness , health and success. Theyare fun, easy to do and they work!

The CD contains nine soothing guided chakra meditations: seven that are thorough explorations and activations of your individual chakras and two that are inner journeys through all seven in sequence. Only have a minute? Then choose the track with our 60 second chakra tune up, quick enough to be blended into even the busiest of schedules.

Want to go further? Then choose your favourite of the seven included contemplation cards, place it into the stand, light the colour-coded Chakra ritual candle and listen to the corresponding chakra specific meditation or our seven minute chakra cleanse - a journey through all seven chakras. Our chakra meditation kit gives you all the tools you need to perform empowering rituals to conciously create balance and affirm wellness in your life.

Have a wonder filled time incorporating our favourite spiritual practices into your daily routine to refresh and recharge yourself each day.

Kit Contains:
48 page Illustrated "Guide to your Chakras"
Music CD with 9 guided Chakra meditations
Portfolio of 7 contemplation cards with easel
Set of 7 Chakra ritual candles

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