2018 Gratitude Diary
by Melanie Spears  
ISBN 9780648031000

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About the product

It’s a diary, a daily planner, a trustworthy companion, a confidante and a tool for transformation and growth.
You will learn how to make HEALTHY choices that support and nurture you. Still your mind by learning how to make soul choices, because when you operate from your divine soul, anything is possible. Melanie will show you how to do this.

2018's Gratitude Diary features:
*A day to a page organisational Dairy
*Monthly Astrological overview
*Weekly moon guides
*Reflective quotes from the great teachers of our time
*13 worksheets that begin on each new moon
*Daily Gratitude pages
*Inspired art

The beautifully designed Gratitude Diary consists of one page for each day of the year plus more!

Each day you will be asked the following question:
What am I grateful for?
This one very simple question will prompt your psyche into noticing everything that is good in your life. It will illuminate what is working and help you notice and anchor more deeply into the things that are of fundamental value to your life.
But there’s more!
Another intention held dearly in Melanie's heart, when creating this Diary, was to help both men and women attune to, and be nourished by the ebbs and flow of the moon’s cycles.
Simply by becoming aware of the moon and her cycles, which are indicated every seven days, helps support the balance of your masculine and feminine. When you live in tune with the PLANET’S rhythms, you begin to notice that you are also living parallel to the cycles and seasons of life, and it is the awareness and acceptance of this, that creates Peace.

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